Small House Co.

design and build affordable, stylish, tiny homes.

By combining compact home design with creative styling, Small House Co. redefines modern, sustainable living with tiny house designs. We are small home builders that are passionate about delivering economic, social, and environmentally sustainable housing to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Toowoomba regions.

Bespoke, Modern Tiny Home

Sustainable Solutions

We are passionate about the environment and strive to use sustainable materials wherever possible while still creating a beautiful, modern tiny home that is as comfortable as it is affordable.

Our commitment to green building practices is ingrained in every tiny home we build, providing our clients with peace of mind knowing their home has been constructed to the highest standard.

Tiny Home designs - Small House Co interior of a tiny home

Sustainable, Versatile, Functional Designs

Make Your Tiny Home Your Own

At Small House Co. we understand that every individual is unique and that’s why our homes are designed to reflect your lifestyle, making it truly yours.

We offer a variety of bespoke inclusions such as custom cabinetry, smart home technology, luxury appliances, luxury windows and doors, modern fixtures and more.

Our professional interior designers will guide you through the process of selecting the right material finishes, fixtures and fittings which will ensure your tiny home is perfect for y

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